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Online Training Program & E-mail Answering Service & Available Phone Support



We offer 5 guaranties to our $oftProHost.us members:

1- Login link within 03 to 72 hours.
2- Complete basic training and support.
3- If your ledger shows $25 to $75 then payment is our responsibility.
4- Workload is pre defined forever.
5- Company will reply your complaints within 72 hours and explain you about reason of rejection of any assignment in very brief manner.



First three guaranties are common in everywhere but last two are unique with our company.





* 100% Work at Home.

* Be Your Own Boss.

* Easy Work but for those, “skilled”.

* The freedom to work any time you want.
* Interesting and rewarding work with fun.
* Increase your income by working every day.
* Being at home enjoy fantastic moments of your life.


Requirements for work
* Comfortable and quiet work location Office or Home.
You are required to have use of a computer system with the following specifications and components:

 * Laptop or Desktop

 * P4 processor or higher faster processor

 * 256RAM or Greater

 * 20 GB hard drive or Larger

 * 1024x768 resolution monitor or greater and supporting video card

 * Sound card with speakers (No need)

 * CD-ROM drive (No need)

 * Computer microphone (No need)

 * Web camera (No need)

You are required to have use of the following operating systems and applications

 * Windows XP or Windows 7

 * Microsoft Office 2003 (for web surfing project)

 * Microsoft Office 2007 (for Article project)

 * Microsoft Office 2010 (for Typing project)

 * Application Compression for CAPTCHA Work (RAR, 7-Zip or Win Zip)

 * Application .Net Framework 2.0 / 4.0  CAPTCHA Work

 * Reliable Antivirus for protect computer and work.

 * Best Browser Google Chrome and Firebox

* Reliable Internet of any Company. (Minimum Speed: 512Kbps to 1MB)